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Calculation Routines Supporting the use of   Diesel Fuel Cetane Improver

2-ethyl hexyl nitrate.

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Calculation Routines

Cetane Improver, 2-ethyl hexyl nitrate is an established technology with widespread use in diesel fuel blending. The boost to fuel cetane number is a reliable effect from moderate and economic dosages.  The reactive free radicals produced as 2-ehn enters an engine’s cylinder, accelerate combustion and reduce ignition delay, increasing the fuel cetane number.

This powerful chemical effect enables refiners to profitably upgrade lower quality feeds.

The Cetane  specification  influences  the refinery planning process from the selection of crude oil through to final diesel batch formulation.  The capability of a refiner to make the best use of this technology can have a significant impact on refinery profitability.

This website provides calculation routines with the objective of assisting refiners optimise their use of 2-ehn, Cetane  Improver.